New labeling of fuels 2018

In October 2018 new fuel markings will appear at gas stations. In the EU assumptions, the goal is to introduce a new unified fuel labeling system, whose task is to facilitate the tanking of the correct fuel to the vehicle. It may turn out that thanks to the introduction of such a system, it will reduce the number of people who, for example, put petrol into the Diesel engine. As time goes by, new symbols will appear on all service stations.

  • gas fuel stickers
    gas fuel stickers

Descriptions of the signs used:

E5, E10, E85 gasoline in a circle, the number E is the maximum percentage of ethanol that is in gasoline,

B7, B10, XTL diesel in a circle, B means biodiesel, percentage of biodiesel in fuel, XLT praphyl diesel oil from sources other than oil,

H2, CNG, LPG, LNG – gas in rhombus, H2 hydrogen, CNG compressed natural gas, LPG propane butane, LNG liquid gas.

Holiday break 2018

This year’s holiday break is planned for the third week of September. Orders accepted until 14/09/2018 will be complete to  17/09/2018. From 15/09/2018 we stopping acceptance of orders until 21/09/2018. On 22/09/2012 we restart receiving orders, and delivery of will start again from September 24, 2018.

GDPR introduction in ELMARS

ELMARS as a company based on activities on the Internet introduces a number of organizational and technical changes aimed at adapting to the regulations of the GDPR.

At the turn of 2017/2018, https – encrypted connections that prevent “eavesdropping” of connections were introduced. Today, work is underway to adapt regulations and rules of the GDP. Changes already made in configuring customer accounts that introduce restrictions only for companies. Any possibility of recording sensitive data was also excluded.

On May 25, 2018, all customer data will be deleted, which are not registered entities conducting business activity

Sticker Main Switch


In e-shop of elmars you can found wide range of stickers for electrical installations.  This signs according to tradition was made in Polish language, seldom found other. Now its higher time to make this for English.

One of example its sticker MAIN SWITCH. This label its making on foils resistant to changing wather condition. In yellow backgrund its black theme. Dimensions of sticker: 9x5cm. Thanks to everything, sign its enough readable.



Starting secure connection for

Increasing the level of security is a constant and systematic requirement of the modern Internet. To increase its value, an encrypted connection is enabled for the store domain. Currently, the full website address to

The encryption protocol was started successfully. All activities, such as: launching the communication protocol and configuration of the store ran smoothly and in accordance with the plan. All activities of the website’s users are secured by https. Parallel to the new protocol, the old http still works. However, entering the site involves an automatic switch to an encrypted protocol.

The integration with the most popular search engines has also been updated to new addresses with the https protocol.

Benefits of updating http to https:

  • increased level of security of all user data, including sensitive data,
  • improving the quality of indexing subpages of the store in search engines.

I invite you to use https: //www,